Our Founder

Shawn Alex Nemeth’s personal story is filled with the trauma of child abuse, shame, and deep internal conflict.

As an ordained minister, he did everything he was taught to do while attempting to help others heal. For years, he spent countless hours in prayer, pastoral counseling, and hard work to forgive his abusers.

In 2009, Shawn had to be hospitalized with chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the severe trauma his therapists said had been encoded in his brain and body when he was a boy. But even though he was traumatized by a tumultuous childhood, Shawn found the strength to recover and to thrive.

This experience ignited him on a quest – not only for his own wholeness – but with a new passion and purpose to help traumatized children heal and recover. That’s why he established the Chester Street Foundation.

Get the Whole Story

Shawn’s moving story is captured in his autobiography the Thorns of Chester Street. Proceeds from the sale of his book benefits the Chester Street Foundation.

Shawn’s Book