Our Founder

Shawn Alex Nemeth is a talented speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping childhood trauma survivors heal and thrive.  He created the nonprofit Chester Street Foundation in 2017, to shine a light on childhood trauma through education and awareness.

After suffering horrific abuse as a child, Nemeth threw himself into nonprofit work as an adult. Working around the world to help others heal, he spoke to audiences numbering in the thousands throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America, while his inner child suffered in silence.

The silence broke in 2009, when Nemeth was hospitalized with PTSD. He learned that the long years of trauma had been encoded in his brain and body, as happens to many survivors of abuse and neglect.

With treatment, courage, and self-compassion, Nemeth began the long road to recovery and embarked on a mission to give traumatized children a voice.  Since founding the Chester Street Foundation, he has partnered with mental health experts to develop trainings that educate the community about childhood trauma issues.  In addition to this advocacy and education work, Nemeth shares his inspiring story with audiences large and small as a professional speaker and through his book, Thorns of Chester Street.

Get the Whole Story

Shawn’s moving story is captured in his autobiography the Thorns of Chester Street. Proceeds from the sale of his book benefits the Chester Street Foundation.