Headshot of Shawn Alex Nemeth, a trauma survivor and founding Director and CEO of Chester Street Foundation

Shawn Alex Nemeth

Founder & CEO

Shawn is a talented speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur whose life purpose is to help childhood trauma survivors heal and thrive.  Having suffered horrific abuse as a child, Nemeth threw himself into nonprofit work as an adult, compassionately working around the world to help others heal while the child inside suffered in silence.  In 2009, he was hospitalized with PTSD and learned that severe trauma had been hard-wired into his brain and body during the many years of abuse and neglect.  With treatment, courage, and self-compassion, Nemeth began the long road to recovery and founded Chester Street Foundation (CSF) to give traumatized children a voice.  CSF aims to shine a light on childhood trauma through education and advocacy.  In addition to sharing his inspiring story with audiences large and small as a professional speaker and through his work with Chester Street Foundation, Nemeth has also chronicled his experiences in his book, Thorns of Chester Street.

Stacey Congrove

Stacey Congrove, M.Ed

Program Operations Manager

Stacey develops streamlined processes and procedures to optimize program operations for CSF. She leverages her analytical abilities to collect and synthesize program data, identifying actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.  Stacey’s expansive experience spans both public and private education settings. She has built comprehensive skills in program management, behavior analysis, intervention design, data analysis, large group presentation, training, collaboration, de-escalation, and executive reporting. With over 12 years of experience in education, Stacey has developed a deep understanding of childhood trauma and its impacts, which has resulted in trauma recovery becoming a central focus. She is also passionate about championing diversity, equity and inclusion through her work. Stacey holds a BS in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Texas Woman’s University, along with five teaching certifications. She also obtained a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University.

Katrina Buerger

Serif Marketing, Marketing Consultant

Johnny Chau

re:creative, Website Consultant

Leslie Culler

Graphic Design Consultant

Ann Friedman, Ph.D

Jung Center’s Mind Body Spirit Institute – Trainer/Presenter and Overseeing Psychologist 

Megan Mooney, Ph.D

Overseeing Psychologist  

Elizabeth Sweeney

Aurora Grants and Consulting – Grants Consultant

Aaron Walker

One-Fifty Media – Video Production