By The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The recent shooting has been an extremely frightening experience, and the days, weeks, and months
following can be very stressful. Your children and family will recover over time, especially with the
support of relatives, friends, and community. But families and youth may have had different
experiences during and after the shooting, including those who may experienced physical injury,
involvement in police investigation, worry about the safety of family members and friends, and loss of
loved ones. How long it takes to recover will depend on what happened to you and your family during
and after this event. Some adults and children have been seriously injured and will require medical
treatment and long-term rehabilitation. Over time, some youth and adults will return to normal
routines, while others may struggle. Children and teens may react differently to the shooting
depending on their age and prior experiences. Expect that youth may respond in different ways, and
be supportive and understanding of different reactions, even when you are having your own reactions
and difficulties.

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