Make an investment in Chester Street Foundation and help shine a light on childhood trauma.

We believe that education is a critical component to helping traumatized children heal and have designed our educational TraumaTALKS program for the community at large and professionals who are on the frontlines, including mental health professionals, educators, and organizations working with children. One of a few organizations in Texas leveraging lived experience along with evidence-based research through its educational platform, Chester Street Foundation is committed to raising awareness of and providing training about childhood trauma so that the adults that surround these children will be able to help them on their road to recovery.

When you sponsor one of our programs you are supporting impactful programs, professional and engaging trainings, and investing in children locally and across the state.

Champion For Kids | $10,000+ Produce a new TraumaTALKS video

Child Crusader | $5,000 Create a new online trauma training course for nurses, police officers, and professionals in the juvenile justice system

Impact Advocate | $2,500 Provide a college scholarship for a high school student who completes the TraumaTALKS Ambassadors Youth Program

Patron | $1,000 Sponsor the TraumaTALKS OnDemand training school

Friend | $500 Provide scholarships for individuals to attend a training

To find out more about Corporate Sponsorships and Chester Street Foundation programs, please contact us at (832) 982.4514 or