Encouraging words from our Founder, Shawn Alex Nemeth

Dear Reader,

As we start a new year, many of us look to leave behind negative memories of the past and attempt to start a new year with positivity and hope. But instead our twisted crowd of child-hood hurts and painful experiences, allow our self-editor to step forward to take center stage in our lives. Constructive words to help us grow and move us forward are suddenly left out of our vocabulary. The negative driven words and phrases such as; “You’re too fat, you’re too ugly, you’ll never be as talented as you sister, you can’t write; smart, you are not!” are like a voice recorder stuck in play mode; critical words woven in sarcasm and comparisons, relentlessly slash away at the core of who we are. The most detrimental part of it? –we often believe it.

Reprograming our thinking is the only way to turn off this deprecating voice in our head and silence our self-editor. We are a product of our environment, whether we choose to accept it or not; WE WILL BECOME like those who encircle us. If we want healthier thinking, we have to find healthier thinkers to surround ourselves. If we want to increase our emotional stability, we have to fill our inner circle with those who are emotionally stable.

Healthy breeds healthy.

We also attract WHAT WE ARE. If we’ve been struggling with negativity and boundaries for some time, it is very likely those closest to us are negative and lack boundaries. Quite often, in order to make the needed shift, we have to search for a healthier tribe. What do we look for? We look for others that are–WHAT WE WANT TO BECOME.

Realistically, our annoying self-editor may never completely be shut off for some of us; but by surrounding our self with a healthy and uplifting environment, his paralyzing voice will be significantly muted enough to lose its power over us.

All the best for you in 2023.