When We Heal A Traumatized Child, We Heal Our Community

For many children suffering from trauma, professionals working with children are often the first adults to recognize the warning signs and take action.

TraumaTRAINING: Shining a Light on The Invisible Wounds of Childhood Trauma

This three-four-hour workshop, facilitated by Shawn Alex Nemeth (a trauma survivor), provides professionals with a personal and professional perspective of childhood trauma alongside the latest research and evidenced based tools to heal children heal. TraumaTRAININGS help participants more effectively work with traumatized children by:

  • Recognizing the types of trauma and the impact on brain development
  • Understanding the effects of trauma exposure and its long-term consequences
  • Accessing tools to promote a sense of safety and help children on their road to recovery

Participants also receive a professionally-created quick reference guide to help them more effectively work with traumatized children  in the classroom.

Continuing education credits for TraumaTRAININGS are available for licensed psychologists, social workers, and counselors. Email shawn@chesterstreetfoundation.org for details to bring this effective trauma-training program to your school district, or any faith-based/community/civic organization working with children.

In addition to our TraumaTRAININGS program, TraumaTALKS are also offered to professionals in public and private settings.

Change A Child’s Life

Please join us today and shine a light on the invisible wounds of childhood trauma so that children receive the treatment they deserve.