When We Heal An Abused Child, We Heal Our Community

For many children suffering from abuse, teachers in their schools are often the first adults to recognize the warning signs and take action.

TraumaTALKS for teachers provide an overview of childhood trauma, helping teachers understand the science behind the feelings and its signs and symptoms. Teachers will also learn why it’s critical to help abused children heal from trauma and what are the latest and best practices in helping their students who have been abused recover. Educational materials designed for teachers will be made available.

Many of our TraumaTALKS are provided by Chester Street Foundation’s founder, Shawn Alex Nemeth, who will also share his personal story and sign copies of his book, Thorns of Chester Street, for people who make donations to the Chester Street Foundation.

TraumaTALKS for teachers are offered in public and private venues.

Learn more about childhood trauma by attending a TraumaTALK for teachers. View our calendar and sign up for an upcoming event.

Shine a light on childhood trauma by bringing a TraumaTALK to your school. Contact us to schedule a TraumaTALK for teachers.

Change A Child’s Life

Please join us today and shine a light on the invisible wounds of childhood trauma so that abused children receive the treatment they deserve.