We Believe Change is Possible

Our strategy to fulfill our mission is to educate our community on the science behind trauma and the ways to help abused children heal and recover. It’s not just about hurt feelings and troubling emotions; it’s much deeper and is rooted physiologically. Trauma remains wired in the body and brain. Whenever it triggers its victims, it causes them to relive the panic and terror of their original trauma over and over. These wounds are not visible to the human eye, but they are very real and left untreated can cause chronic health issues which last a lifetime.

We believe education is a critical component to helping abused children on their road to recovery and have designed our education programs for the community at large and specific audiences who are on the frontlines of this issue, including educators.

Learn more about our TraumaTALKS program for the community and TraumaTRAININGS program, currently available for educators.

“Children being resilient to trauma is a fallacy.”

Dr. Allan Schore




Change A Child’s Life

Please join us today and shine a light on the invisible wounds of childhood trauma so that abused children receive the treatment they deserve.