TraumaTALKS Live Presentation Series

These evidenced-based one-hour presentations are effective trauma-informed training and professional development resources for educators K-12, school administrators, and mental health professionals. Presentations are given by given by Chester Street Foundation’s Founder and CEO, Shawn Alex Nemeth (a trauma survivor), and can be presented one at a time or as a half day of training. Materials provided include a full color outline, survey and  Professional Development Certificate.

This Professional Development Activity is approved by Texas Psychological Association (TPA): One-hour Professional Development credit for psychologists, LSSPs, social workers, and counselors.

**In response to the pandemic, TraumaTALKS are also currently available on Zoom.**

TraumaTALK: The Invisible Wounds of Childhood Trauma, A Personal, and Professional Perspective
Also available as an On Demand video

This presentation provides an overview of childhood trauma against the backdrop of Shawn’s inspirational story. In addition to understanding the science behind the emotional reactions to trauma, participants will be able to: 1) Name at least three adverse experiences that can cause trauma, 2) Identify three kinds of changes to the brain that may result from trauma, 3) Describe three strategies to help children cope with trauma

TraumaTALK: Trauma in the Classroom Part 1: What Teachers Need to Know

Educators and other professionals working with children are often on the frontlines of child trauma, which manifests itself in many ways in the classroom. Through this engaging presentation using real-life examples of how teachers can help, participants will be able to: 1) Name three types of trauma, 2) Identify three ways traumatic stress shows up in children’s behavior, 3) Describe three kinds of developmental impairments children may suffer with as a result of trauma

*Participants also receive a professionally created quick-reference guide to help them more effectively work with traumatized children in the classroom.

TraumaTALK: Trauma in the Classroom Part II: Proven Strategies to Help Children Heal

Trauma’s wounds are not visible to the human eye, and left untreated, they can have chronic health issues which last a lifetime. Teachers have the unique opportunity to recognize trauma’s effects in the classroom and help children on a path to healing. Through this presentation, which involves small group interactions, participants will be able to: 1) Name three avenues for recovery for trauma survivors, 2) Identify three strategies to help children promote an inner sense of safety, 3) Describe three ways to apply these strategies in a classroom setting

TraumaTALK: An Introspective Look at Trauma and the Need for Self-Care

Many of us may not recognize the trauma that is wired in our own body and brain until it is triggered. If we are to help children heal, we must also examine trauma’s effects within ourselves. With practical problem-solving activities, this presentation will help participants 1) Name three ways that personal or secondary trauma may be preventing them from being fully available for others, 2) Identify three ways to recognize their need for self-care, and 3) Describe three strategies for self-care

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What people are saying about our TraumaTALKS!

“As a child welfare professional for the last 25 years, I have seen my share of children adversely impacted by abuse and neglect and trauma and have a keen awareness of its long-term effects, especially when it goes untreated. It is an honor to be affiliated with an organization like Chester Street Foundation that is committed to breaking the cycle of untreated childhood trauma, paving the way for healing and hope for a brighter future for these children.”

— DeJuana Jernigan, MSW, LCCA, LCPAA, President and CEO, Arms Wide Adoption Services / President, Texas Foster Care Association

“Mr. Nemeth can effectively communicate his story in a professional manner that is well-received by a wide variety of audiences.”

— Ginger Gates, PhD, Retired Director of Special Education

“Once we brought Mr. Nemeth into our school district, our team was equally inspired!”

— Kristie Moore, Psy.D., Instructional Officer for Psychological Services, Katy ISD

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