By Amanda Merck

Oprah Winfrey is raising awareness about childhood trauma and the need for trauma-informed care.

Childhood trauma—like abuse, neglect, and poverty—changes a child’s brain, body and behavior.

Behavior is often the first “red flag” of trauma.

But too often caregivers, teachers, and law officers misinterpret that red flag as “bad behavior” that needs “fixing.” They are rarely trained on the science of childhood trauma and how it affects Latino and all children.

That is why Oprah Winfrey returned the city where she grew up facing poverty, sexual abuse and other negative experiences to explore the science of childhood trauma on 60 Minutes with trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry.

  • The Effects of Childhood Trauma

The Effects of Childhood Trauma

By Amy Morin, LCSW Although adults often say things like, “He was so young when that happened. He won’t even remember it as an adult,” childhood trauma can have a lifelong effect. And [...]

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